Sonography of an enlarged hyperintense epitrochlear lymphnode (left arm) in a

33 year old male; and an ipsilateral ulcerated papula, suspected to be the port d’entree for

Cat Scratch Disease. Serologically not confirmed – at this moment – for bartonella henselae.

Epitrochlear lymphnode
(photo: At Voorhorst)
Lymphnode red arrow; edema blue arrow
(photo: At Voorhorst)
Ipsilateral: ulcerated papula
(photo: At Voorhorst)
Detail ulcerated papula, suspected to be porte d’entree
(photo: At Voorhorst)
D: epidermis and dermis; F: subcutaneous fat; H: humerus; V: brachial vene
H; hilum/hilus; C: cortex; M: medulla
(photo; At Voorhorst)
Hyperintense lymphnode on color doppler (CD). Bloodflow follows ‘normal’ anatomical directions. Video was taken with my phone (At Voorhorst). Echosystem is Alpinion.

Thanks for your support Arne Voorhorst!